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TIMMS®: The Total Individualized Money Management System

What is TIMMS®?

TIMMS, the Total Individualized Money Management Solution, is a comprehensive invoicing system that offers a range of benefits for managing Passport funding and other types of individualized funding. It works in conjunction with the Passport One Portal to submit invoices for reimbursement and allows for the creation of secure logins for families to view current funding, expenses, and invoices, providing full transparency.

The financial dashboard provides a clear overview of important information, including Total Amount of Passport funding, Total Spent, Total Remaining, Total Invoiced, and Total Reimbursed. Users can drill into these numbers and look specifically at these variables for the people they support. In addition, TIMMS will work in conjunction with your current accounting system through A/P and G/L via customized reporting tools.

With its focus on managing Passport funding, while tracking any type of individualized funding for the people you support, TIMMS is an all-in-one package that streamlines invoice remittance procedures. It offers secure logins for family members to view funding, expenses, and invoices and generates reports to track individual funding and expenditures. Finally, TIMMS promotes independence for people receiving funding by providing an efficient and effective means of managing finances.

TIMMS® Features:
  • Streamlines invoice remittance procedures.
  • Manages Passport funding and other individualized funding types.
  • Works with the Passport One Portal for reimbursement.
  • Provides secure logins for family members to view funding, expenses, and invoices.
  • Offers a financial dashboard for tracking total funding, expenses, remaining balance, and invoiced and reimbursed amounts.
  • Generates reports that track individual funding and expenditures.
  • Promotes independence for people receiving funding.