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Welcome to Buchwald Services Consulting

Buchwald Services Consulting Inc. is a system developer and provider of AIMS®, a web-based, person-centred case management system for the human services sector. The system is designed to quantify the support provided to persons requiring a wide range of services and supports, as well as provide a tool to view the type, quality and quantity of these supports to ensure they are at the highest level.

What is AIMS®

“When we first began working on AIMS®, we were looking to provide organizations with a powerful tool that could help them quantify the fantastic work that they were doing on a daily basis. The systems currently on the market were never built to meet the diverse needs across their organization and provide a launch pad for the accreditation process.”

“By establishing a robust case management core that begins with the person receiving support, the system evolves by building relationships and services from the person, not from the program. This keeps the focus of the tool on the person, where it should always be.”



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